Your Gateway to a Hybrid Solution


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The Platform

PartitionDB is a database functionality engine that enables partitioning and management of SQL-DB. It supports a Multi-Tenant model in a hybrid environment. Migrating to the cloud is made simple and transparent for the business, and can be done gradually.


Unlimited Data Growth

Scale out your database anywhere, on premise, in the cloud or hybrid

Data Segregation

have critical data on premise and the rest in the cloud

Migrate to the cloud

Gradually migrate to the cloud

The Benefits

Accelerated Performance

Most SQL tasks perform 2-5X faster

Secure, Unlimited Data

Unlimited data scaling, built-in redundancy, automatic backups

Streamlined Maintenance

Vastly reduced maintenance & upload workloads

What We do

PartitionDB is the world’s first multi-tenant DB management system. It lets you have your DB anywhere you want, on premise or in the cloud or distributed on both; yet the system performs as a single unified resource.

PartitionDB provides a one-stop, high-performance SQL solution. The DBA works seamlessly through a single, familiar view of the distributed DB at the Gate level − via a GUI or API.

How We Do It

PartitionDB distributes a database on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. The distributed DB is created by defining a Gate + Children DBs (as many as required). Changes at the Gate level replicate to the Children per your unique business rules.

The Gate is serving as a proxy-like module specifies which tables will be affected. The repositories can reside on premise or in the cloud. The user enjoys a transparency and simplicity, letting the Gate take care of the multi location management.

Why PartitionDB

PartitionDB was developed by experienced DBAs for DBAs. We know the pain: Businesses understand the advantages of migrating to the cloud and want to be at the front of technology. But there are lots of uncertainties when moving to the cloud. Migration to the cloud might be risky. The cost and performance are unknown and security level may not meet the requirements. PartitionDB introduces the path to a hybrid solution. It allows your business to scale out to the cloud at your own pace.

At PartitionDB we have come up with a native SQL scale-out solution that puts your business first:

  • Flexible  Work on premise, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Always growing  Able to manage your business’ data needs today − and in the future
  • Always available  No system deadlocks to disrupt the flow of your business
  • Always on  Data recovery in real-time
  • Transparent  A zero learning curve solution that frees up resources to focus on your core business