About PartitionDB

PartitionDB was established with the quest for a solution to unlimited growth of data, in the new world Big Data and the cloud. We have identified the problem of many companies that want to expand their data to the cloud, but are facing different uncertainties such as unknown costs, performance issues, compliance dilemmas and more. Our solution is the path for companies wishing to scale out their data, especially when a hybrid environment is desired. 

After we have patented the idea, we have started the development of the platform, to bring our vision into practice, and help businesses adopt to the new world of cloud computing, while keeping the existing on premise databases untouched. 

PartitionDB provides organizations with the most rapid, cost-effective, infinitely scalable solution available on the market today. PartitionDB introduces the first patent-pending innovative technology that manages multiple databases as one, regardless where they reside.

This revolutionary technology delivers a truly superior DBMS platform that leaves any alternative far behind.