PartitionDB Hybrid Solution Installation – How to Connect to SQL Sever in the Cloud

This article explains the steps required to connect to SQL Server on the cloud machine that you have already set up as explained here. Your cloud machine has SQL Server installed, as well as the PartitionDB installation.

If you have the password that was generated for you to log in to your cloud instance, you should skip to the next step.

  • Log in to your amazon account. Go to click ‘Sign in to the console’ and log in to with your credentials.

  • Make sure you are set to the right zone, where your machine resides

  • In the services menu select EC2

  • In the EC2 menu select ‘instances’

  • Select the instance that you wish to work with, and click ‘Launch Instance’

  • Click ‘Download Remote Desktop File’ button in case you don’t have it saved.
  • Click ‘Get password’ button (decrypt password by key you registered earlier)

  • Log-in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  • If this is your first time to log in, you will have to create an administrator account.
  • In ‘Security’->’Logins’ select ‘sa’ and properties

  • In ‘General’ page select a password

  • In ‘Status’ page set ‘Login’ to Enable.

Your cloud machine is ready. You will have to run PartitionDB installer on your on premise machine, as explained here.

Please refer to PartitionDB post to get started.