Welcome to the PartitionDB Tutorial!

We hope you are excited to start a new journey in DB scale-out.

PartitionDB offers a few different options:

  1. A Hybrid service to expand an on premise database to the cloud. Work on yours cloud machine, or set it up with PartitionDB. To get started go to the installation guide in this tutorial.
  2. Set of Add-ins such as databases comparison, table’s distribution and more.  These Add-ins enhance ones database maintenance and manipulation, saving time and money by avoiding the hassle of development of these assets. Read all you need about Add-ins here.
  3. A database configuration based on Gate and partitions. Using this configuration boosts the database performance and speed by far, and can be adjusted to best fit to your business needs. On top of performance improvement, the Gate uses the different utilities automatically. This is the most comprehensive solution.

All options require restoring our PdbLogic database. PdbLogic includes all our IP. Having PdbLogic as part of the database gives access to all Add-ins.

This tutorial provides a detailed explanations and examples of the PartitionDB solutions. Here are some main subjects (refer to the tutorial to learn more):