What is PdbLogic?

PdbLogic is PartitionDB IP which is encapsulated in a database. In order to use its advanced capabilities, it is required to download it and attach it to a database.

PdbLogic provides two different options:

  1. Set of Add-ins such as databases comparison, table’s distribution and more.  These Add-ins enhance ones database maintenance and manipulation, saving time and money by avoiding the hassle of development of these assets.
  2. A database configuration based on Gate and partitions. Using this configuration boosts the database performance and speed by far, and can be adjusted to best fit to your business needs. On top of performance improvement, the Gate uses the different utilities automatically. This is the most comprehensive solution.

PdbLogic includes advanced algorithms and functions that give you, the DBA, more control over your database, and improve the database performance beyond question.

How to download and use PdbLogic

PdbLogic can be downloaded from PartitionDB website. It can come in two different formats:

  1. As a BAK file
  2. Inside a PartitionDB user interface (also called management)

If you decide to download the BAK file, restore it into your database. You will be able apply all of PdbLogic’s functions and options to your database.

Another option is to use the following script. It will restore the BAK file for you:

Make sure you write the path here:

declare @command nvarchar(max) = 'restore database [PdbLogic] from disk = '' YOUR PATH '' with replace'

You can also decide to download PartitionDB user interface. This file includes PdbLogic and installs PartitionDB user interface that is embedded into Microsoft SQL server user interface.

This option gives everything that the PdbLogic database offers, and other options that are supported by the user interface, such as the option to migrate a database using the wizard, add partitions and many more. Learn how to do it in our tutorial.